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Storibook Farm Foals

At Storibook Farm, we research “magic crosses” for our small broodmare band. We evaluate our mares critically and then select stallions who genetically compliment our mares for quiet, athletic and trainable foals. We breed for conformation, athletic ability and quiet minds. This combination has produced successful horses who have competed at the highest level in the reined cowhorse show pen as well as solid working horses who do a “days work” on a ranch.

While many of our foals have color, we don’t breed for color as the primary consideration. We look for upcoming junior stallions with solid show pedigrees and great dams and grand dams in their pedigree. Our mares have solid foundation breeding that always seem to outproduce themselves when crossed on quality sires. 

Storibook Farm magic crossed foals

SBF Holi Hot Socks x Holidoc and SBF Holicat x Black Cat Olena